Art in the Redwoods Quilt

Each year members of PPQG make a quilt that is raffled off at the Art in the Redwoods Festival in August. The money raised from the raffle is used to fund the Gualala Arts Young Artists Scholarship program.

A committee of 3 or 4 volunteers selects the design, chooses the fabric, makes the quilt top and binds the quilt. Initially the quilt was hand quilted by more volunteers, but in recent years it has been quilted each year by Sharon Malachowski, a professional longarm quilter who is also a guild member.

The guild covers the cost of materials and quilting, although not every group has requested reimbursement. Sharon gives the guild a discount on her quilting fee.

The Gualala Arts web site has pictures and information about the quilters who have made the quilts, starting in the year 2005. Click HERE to visit those pages.

If you would like to learn more about the scholarships and the young artists who have received them, click HERE.