Your PPQG Library - Check it Out!

Shelved in the upstairs room at the Gualala Arts Center are more than 700 quilting and quilt-related books available for your use. They are grouped under 746.46, followed by the first three letters of the particular author.

The do-it-yourself check-out procedure is simple and based on the honor system:

  1. Select your book from the shelves.
  2. In the binder at the end cap of the bookcase fill in the spaces to sign the book out. Please include the letters along with the numbers from the spine of the book. For example: 746.46 Col.
  3. The book is yours for a month - longer if you need it, but do consider that others might be waiting.
  4. When you return the book, check it off in the binder. Reshelve carefully in the appropriate space according to the call number or leave the book under the “Return Books Here” sign.
  5. You can browse the list on the website at If the book you want is not on the shelf, you can look in the binder to see who has it. Contact her to politely say you are waiting, or let the PPQG librarian know and she will make the request.
  6. Books will also be found by searching title, author or subject on the GAC Library computer. However, this system is currently unavailable. Coming soon:  a hardcopy listing of books by category will be available adjacent to our collection..
  7. If there is a new book you’d like to have added to the collection please make your request to the PPQG librarian. Please provide title and author.
  8. If you'd like to donate books and/or DVDs to the library, please let the PPQG librarian know. She will add those items that are not already in the collection and make duplicates available for purchase by PPQG members. Donations are greatly appreciated. Any funds garnered from the sale of books enable PPQG to purchase more items for the collection.
  9. If you'd like to volunteer to help clean and reorganize the PPQG section of the GAC library, please contact the librarian.

Present librarian is Iris Lorenz-Fife.

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